O Neill Productions (OP) is a Creative and Innovative Consulting Practice focused on Improving Business Development and Sales outcomes for Clients that range from CEO’s of Startups, Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Principals to more Senior Management of existing companies in a variety of business verticals.

Founded in 2011 by Sean O’Neill, OP was designed to function as interim; overall Sales & Business Development resource and sales pipeline development building resource for early stage, mid-stage startups and Investor Partners (Venture Capital & Private Equity & Angel Investors). We have a team of other talented &  seasoned professionals that we can draw on for targeted expertise where and when needed  per project.

Utilizing a people process and stakeholder identification model that focus on not only how complex business needs are met by outside vendors but by WHO in the organization can move the needle and by skillfully managing that process is what allows for superior results to that of many in-house business development efforts.  Our value and consultative model frees OP from company biases and the need to focus on our client’s revenue process while providing a cost savings on our business model (outsourced) helps distinguish our services.

ONeill Productions is unique in that our sales and business development professionals function with old school discipline and data driven processes along with more “modern” intuitive awareness and skills in knowing how to manage the sales process in the digital age.   Corporate customer buying trends have radically shifted with B2B customers growing more risk adverse along with being much more enlightened about competitive products and services.

Our clients along with their products and services typically look to bring innovation to their specific market vertical.  We have worked clients in a variety of Business Verticals. These include some of the following:

Healthcare Services

Biotech and Pharma

Financial Services/Patient Payments

Healthcare Management Consulting

Healthcare Media and Research

Patient Population Health

Food/ Nutritional Services