Sales & Business Development Process Consulting

Even mature Companies with proven Business Models have challenges with broken or under preforming sales and business development functions.

Where is my Organic, Top-Line Revenue Growth!

Why has Sales and Business Development stalled in my company?

Why is it taking so long to close deals?

Do I have the right team in place or is something else wrong with my Business Development Team?


“….Customers wary of the Scale, Disruption and Cost- have responded by scrutinizing deals more closely. They require consensus from more stakeholders than ever before. The days of the one stop decision maker are over!”

From Dismantling the Sales Machine, Harvard Business Review.


Most B2B Sales are still built to focus solely on PROCESS , emphasizing Individual performance by (OUTDATED) measures like Activity, nurturing competitive sports locker room type performance, contests and leader-boards that fail to capture the 21st century realities of the Sales and Business Development marketplace.

In the Current Economic Environment 80% of Business is lost to NO Decision at all! Customers have become incredibly risk adverse.



Closing Sales and Business Development deals is hard, but it’s almost impossible when your sales team doesn’t have the nuance to understand the buying complexity that takes place in today’s stakeholder purchasing environments.


O’Neill Productions overview starts with a total analysis of your process. However, it is by first taking a Big Picture Holistic (an un-biased view) from the outside of what your Marketplace is demanding from your products and services.


Let us help you by taking your Sales and Business Development Inventory:


  • Evaluate the Sales and Business Development culture
  • Improve internal Process to reflect Complexity of Buyer and Stakeholders
  • Assess and understand market for Services and Products and how purchasing is done to set realistic timetables and to match Sales team talents
  • Set up ideal (inside vs Outside or both) Sales and Business Development methodologies