Sales & Business Development for Healthcare Consulting Firms: Is a very unique and challenging process for those firms that aren’t McKinsey, Deloitte or ( in healthcare) The Advisory Board or Accenture.

Alumni Network building and developing a unique CRM to your firm based on your Service LineExpertise is hard.

Why is it so hard to grow new revenue and improve my existing client base?

Why hasn’t my Firm found a way to better leverage existing consultants and clients (past) and do I have a well organized Alumni Network with Data to draw from?

Can I continue to count on the same “rainmaker” consultant to provide most of my new revenue growth?


Our experience in having had several working relationships to develop (direct business development of clinical and financial) service lines directly on behalf of Healthcare Firms has lead us to introduce a new idea based on the Top Tier consulting firms (Like McKinsey, Deloitte etc.) ability to mine an existing Alumni Network.


Alumni Networks need to be built, managed and data driven  (CRM) and updated frequently to be viable.


We have come to the conclusion that the same forces that disrupted so many businesses, from steel to publishing, are starting to reshape the world of consulting

Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption, Harvard Business Review.


Most Healthcare Firms rely on existing consultants working on current projects within a specific client vertical to leverage more project work.  Also, there are (usually) one or two of the Firms Management Partners who are adept at building new business and staying in touch with their own unique “self-directed” Alumni Network.

There might be a better way to improve upon those existing structures.

O’Neill Productions overview starts with a total analysis of your consulting business development process. However, it is by first taking a Big Picture Holistic (an un-biased view) from the outside with a fresh pair of eyes that allows us to quickly gain the trust of the firm’s consultants.


Let us help you by taking your Sales and Business Development Inventory:

  • Take the time to interview each  and every active member of your team to see how we might better take the burden off the team in managing and reaching out to past clients and stakeholders.
  • Approach a potential Health System or Pharmaceutical company (Or any new entity in reaching out to the C-Suite leadership with leveraged warm contacts.
  • Assess and understand all the New Data (Stakeholders, C-Suite and Other  VIP’s) and help build or add a better CRM tool or Process.