Business Development & Sales  Services – Startups and Post-Startups

Focused Organic Growth and New Revenue Growth/Channel Partners for Startup and Post-Startups.

We at OP are huge fans of the tech guru/author/teacher Steve Blank who is primarily credited with developing the thesis for the Lean Startup Model. His often quoted;

  “Startups are basically temporary organizations in search of a Business Model”


Gives life to our Business Model and helps fuel the mantra,…. that Startups and Early Stage companies should outsource the Business Development and Sales Functions!

OP will function as your Director of Business Development and both (inside) and outside sales team.  This will include:

  • Building and Validating your client/customer outreach through focused stakeholder and decision maker outreach.
  • Traditional (non-traditional) Sales Pipeline and Channel partnership development.
  • Bringing back key customer insights and early iterations to help improve designs and product and service offerings.
  • Establishment of CRM and early customer marketing programs.
  • Closing early stage clients and channel partnerships
  • New Markets for Products/Services yet unrealized by management and design teams


Lean Startup best practices dictate that most Startups and early stage companies should Not be building and hiring costly Enterprise Sales Talent until they have built a scalable and sustainable business model.  It can take a year or years (in some cases) to arrive at that point.

By Outsourcing Business Development and Sales  Functions to OP not only reduces the costs and HR headaches but helps to hedge the risks associated with making the wrong (talent) hiring decisions for a function that is truly not needed in the early life cycles of a company.


Outsource to ONeill Productions to produce your revenue and channel partnerships The Natural Art of Business Development.