O'Neill Services and expertise

Value Proposition:


1- Lead Generation & Sales Pipeline Building- Advanced lead generation techniques  able to utilize/leverage database and LinkedIn network of our team to reach the key decision making entities and stakeholders  in order to build out a viable sales pipeline of LIKELY viable B2B Enterprise Customers.

2- Product Development & Services enhancement. Bring critical iterative feedback of Product, Services, SaaS requirements necessary larger Enterprise Customers.  Expert navigation of C-Suite decision makers and internal challenges along with product improvements needed of Clients offerings critical to successful deployment.

3- Manage Sales Process- Set up and coordination of meetings and materials necessary to move the sales & partnership process forward. Identification of all stakeholders/SME’s needed to vet and approve Company Product/Services. 3rd party introductions and checking of all “boxes” in the purchasing process.

4- Deal Closing Skills- Adept at closing on multiple Successful Enterprise customer relationships and outcomes. Beta tests, Pilot Projects and small user case engagements are often necessary before larger Enterprise customers commit to wider company adoption.


Value Proposition: 

O’Neill Productions value Proposition is the ability to generate significant early stage Sales revenue and help establish early, critical Enterprise Fortune 1000 customers for Early Stage Companies at a discount to team member’s expertise and experience. OP is able to do this on day one of engagement much more quickly, and expertly than any in-house Sales or Business Development efforts by Early Stage Company Management.

O’Neill Productions can usually deliver (on average) a fully viable sales pipeline with opening first stage meetings and calls at 25-50% discount within the six months* it takes to Source, interview, background check and Hire a full time Sales VP or Business Development Director.

O’Neill Productions Unique Business Model:  To Mitigate Risks/Costs

· Work in 3 month project increments with Metrics and Deliverables same as Early Stage Companies with Product and Service lines

· Team members come from a variety of most business verticals but with a nod to the future innovation taking place in: Healthcare Services , Biotech/Pharma, Energy,Waste Recycling (Green/New) , Financial-FinTech, Internet Media, Retail (Brands), Advertising, IofT and Block chain, Food.

Good investment and less risk and quicker time to sale deal closing with O'Neill Productions

Good investment and less risk and quicker time to sale deal closing with O'Neill Productions


Business Development Consultation


Reach Fortune 500 and 1000 U.S. decision makers.  Outside and Inside Sales and Business Development resources in leading Market Verticals.

Market and Sales Strategy


Startups need critical early stage Marketing and Sales focus at a cost that is sustainable. Allow O'Neill Productions to focus on Beta and early market opportunities to allow for Product Development and ongoing iteration. 

Full Sales Pipeline Management


Unique to our business model is that we will actually roll up our sleeves and start reaching out to your market vertical's Decision Makers and Stakeholders and build a viable sales pipeline with CRM.